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Strong, durable and beautiful - our walls are picture perfect.

Everest Wall Boards are synonymous with quality, durability and efficiency. Made using the revolutionary HPSC technology, they are completely resistant to moisture, fire and termites and can be used for commercial, industrial or residential purposes. The wall boards can be combined with timber, steel or aluminum frameworks to provide added strength to dry wall constructions. Installation is just as quick as removal, giving architects a higher degree of flexibility to change designs without losing valuable time. Finally finished with paints, veneer or wallpaper, these walls are picture-perfect.

Wall Boards

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Walls that stand the ultimate test of time.

Everest Wall Boards are synonymous with quick, hassle-free wall solutions. They are made using the revolutionary HPSC technology which makes them completely moisture, termite and fire resistant. Everest Wall Boards in combination with different substrate framework like timber, steel and aluminium, offer unique advanced dry wall constructions, which leverage space utilization to the maximum with substantial savings on time. Architects prefer to use them as they offer flexibility when it comes to changing designs, besides being durable and maintenance free.

Designer Wall Boards

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Capture your creativity and imagination within four walls.

Design plays a vital role in creating the ambience of an office, retail space or a home. These wall boards help do just that. An array of aesthetic designs adds character and vibrancy to every space that they are used in. Besides being great to look at, they are also durable, strong and resistant to fire, termites and moisture. Self-embossed, pre-primered and ready to paint, these wall boards are fodder for the imagination as you can get them whatever colour and finish you desire.

Heavy Duty Wall Boards

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Resistance from all the elements.

Wherever durability, strength and prolonged exposure to natural elements is of major concern, Everest Heavy Duty Wall Boards come into play. These boards help create both internal and external walls which are impact resistant, load bearing and easy to maintain. They are extremely stable in dimension and offer tough resistance to permanent dampness or water seepages.They are ideal for internal wet area linings in residences,offices and large commercial complexes too.

Solid Wall Panels

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Double the strength. Half the construction time.

In today's fast-paced world, time and space are being squeezed on every front. Everest Solid Wall Panels offer solutions to these constraints by providing options that deliver a promise of strength, speed and safety. This revolutionary dry wall solution maintains the solid effect of a conventional brick or block wall, however, it is 20 times faster to construct thanks to its tongue and groove joining system, is 90% lighter and can withstand a fire for more than two hours.

Everest Rapicon Wals

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In today's fast paced world, time is of the essence. Everest presents a revolutionary concept ,Readymade Walls.These Walls offer efficient construction with the promise of Strength, Speed and Safetly. Rapicon walls are a revolutionary drywall solution, which maintains the solid effect of a conventional brick or black wall. The advantages of Everest Readymade Walls are:

  • Strength and Robustness - Severe Duty panels
  • 4 times faster than a brick work
  • One forth of the weight of brick work
  • Sound insulation of 40 dB
  • Fire Rating > 2 hours
  • Space -3 to 5% additional

  • Everest Readymade Walls are Sandwitch panels made of Fibre Reinforced Aerated Cement Concrete and Everest Wall Boards. Their unique Tongue and Groove Jointing System Facilitates rapid construction and maximises space utilisation. Everest Readymade Walls epitomise an extremely speedy and elegant wall solution , which is compatible with a host of surface finishing choices like paint, veneers,texture coating and wallpaper.

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